Big River Pork’s core business is the processing (slaughter and boning) of sows and bacon pigs, for many of Australia’s leading Pork Producers and Processors.

Big River Pork has a fully intergraded production system which includes;
-          Abattoir
-          Boning Room
-          Value Added Operation
-          Offal
-          Carton and Carcass Load Out

Significant Feature of Big River Pork Plant:
-          The processing plant is located close to farms, grain supplies & transport
-          Herringbone lairage that that minimises lairage stress for pigs and maximises meat quality
-          Co2 Gas for stunning instead of electricity for improved meat quality
-          Back Loader to reduce human contact improving animal welfare with the pigs less stressed which produces better quality meat
-          Our Offal removal system is designed specifically to meet the needs of Asian Markets
-          Plenum Design chillers that reduce drip loss by significant amounts
-          Advanced equipment for shrink wrapping and vacuum packing
-          Modular design chillers that have the capacity to expand at any time to meet production demands

For all Offal Sales enquiries - please contact Darren Bloomfield -