Jowel: Predominately used in the process of making sausages. Pork Jowel can also be cured and made into bacon.

Neck: Can be cooked as a whole roast, sliced up and grilled or used in casseroles.

Boston Butt: Is the upper shoulder of a pig. It is good for stewing and braising, however can be used for roasting and steaks.

Picnic Ham: This cut is usually cured or smoked.

Backfat: This can be use used to make lard, crackling or added to sausages.

Loin: Pork loin can be roasted or can be cut into individual cutlets or chops.

Spare Ribs: This cut is best grilled, however can be braised over low temperatures.

Bacon: This cut is also called ‘Pork Belly’ or ‘Pork Side’. It is the piece of the pig which gives us bacon or pancetta.

Leg Ham: This cut is usually smoked or cured. Fresh hams are usually roasted, but can be cut into streaks. This cut provides us with smoked or cured prosciutto and serrano ham.

Hock: This cut is best used in soups and stocks. It requires to be simmered for long periods of time to breakdown. Hock can also be cured, smoked or pickled.