Big River Pork invests heavily in maintaining regulatory, industry and voluntary standards to deliver confidence in animal welfare, food safety and social accountability. Our business participates in third party audits maintaining certification to standards recognised as delivering safe and wholesome products within local and global supply chains.  

Our team of dedicated employees take great pride in delivering a high-quality product under the guidance of skilled production and quality specialists.

Animal Welfare
Big River Pork is committed to ensuring all animals are handled humanely and we demand strong internal standards of training, awareness, and application of animal welfare priorities. Our business monitors our impact on the animals we handle and participate in regular independent audits to verify the ability of our systems to deliver the high welfare standards we desire.   

Big River Pork chooses persons handling animals with great care and provides animal welfare specific training to all employees and staff responsible or involved in the handling of animals.

Data Tracking
The use of our StarTrack Data Capture System in conjunction with standardised GS1 barcoding, Big River Pork is able to provide comprehensive traceability and product ownership data. The StarTrack Data Capture System is powered by sophisticated information technology solutions that are custom designed for export pork production and provide maximum flexibility for data users.